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Immersivus Gallery Monet Klimt

Immersivus Gallery: Monet & Klimt

Why Art will never be the same again   Ocubo, a multi award-winning video-mapping production company have developed a unique way to display the colour and light of Claude Monet and the romantic intimacy of Gustav Klimt in the Immersivus Gallery: Monet & Klimt.   Immersivus Gallery: Monet & Klimt   Through the use of visual effects and holograms, visitors… Read more →

Madonna and Child (1480) Sandro Boticelli

Mystery of Missing Masterpiece

Mystery of Missing Masterpiece This week we heard of another Art mystery. The Mystery of Missing Masterpiece, Botticelli, Madonna and Child (1485) – a masterpiece of the Italian Renaissance.  Based in Florence during the Golden Age, a period during the 15th and 16th century, Botticelli became an important figure under the patronage of the Medici Family. Sandro Botticelli   During his… Read more →

art, oil painting by Maite Rodriguez

Inside the Studio

Inside the Studio   This year Maite Rodriguez has been keeping busy in her art studio. So far, she has created two collections and is now advancing with a third in preparation for upcoming exhibitions. Further details will be revealed shortly as to where and when. For now please enjoy this exclusive preview of the unfinished paintings.     _______________________________________________________________________________________________… Read more →

Toreo de salón para inaugurar la exposición del Casino

During the Feria Taurina,  the Salamanca Casino is hosting a exhibition ‘De la Taurocatapsia a la Tauromagia, pintura y escultura con la Escuela de Tauromaquia´celebrating paintings and sculptures. Many significant artists have participated, show casing a magnificent display of artwork using a variety of mediums. Amongst the artists participating is Maite Rodriguez who has unmasked her acrylic painting ¨Sospechoso¨. The inauguration… Read more →

Emirates Skywards Art of Travel 2016

  Congratulations! We would like to announce that Diamond Island, from the collection Magic Forest has been selected by Emirates Skywards Art of Travel 2016 to appear on their 2017 membership cards.   The painting was selected by experts to be shortlisted to just 10 pieces of art from all the entries. The painting was then narrowed down to one of… Read more →

Edvard Munch Archetypes

Art Exhibition, Edvard Munch Archetypes

80 Art Works on Show The Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza hosts the Art Exhibition, Edvard Munch: Archetypes which consists of 80 pieces of art including paintings and prints by the Norwegian Painter, many of which have not been seen before in Spain. During the exhibition we are enchanted by Melancholy, The Kiss, Under the Stars and many more unique artworks revealing the artists… Read more →

Art Fair Dubai 2015

Having successfully launched their first ever three day art fair in 2014, Art Fair Dubai is back, and not only back but it is hosted in one of Dubai´s most luxurious hotels, Address in Dubai Mall, Dubai. Dubai is currently an ideal setting for opportunistic artists and galleries a like. According to Art Fair Dubai it is;   ¨Home to… Read more →

Top Galleries and Museums in Shanghai

With a population of more than 14 million and a rapidly developing urban scape, Shanghai offers a mind blowing array of galleries and museums. You’d need months, if not years, to fully experience them all. So, to save you some time, here’s a handpicked selection of the best.   Shanghai Museum   It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in the Shanghai… Read more →