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Toreo de salón para inaugurar la exposición del Casino

During the Feria Taurina,  the Salamanca Casino is hosting a exhibition ‘De la Taurocatapsia a la Tauromagia, pintura y escultura con la Escuela de Tauromaquia´celebrating paintings and sculptures. Many significant artists have participated, show casing a magnificent display of artwork using a variety of mediums. Amongst the artists participating is Maite Rodriguez who has unmasked her acrylic painting ¨Sospechoso¨. The inauguration… Read more →

Emirates Skywards Art of Travel 2016

  Congratulations! We would like to announce that Diamond Island, from the collection Magic Forest has been selected by Emirates Skywards Art of Travel 2016 to appear on their 2017 membership cards.   The painting was selected by experts to be shortlisted to just 10 pieces of art from all the entries. The painting was then narrowed down to one of… Read more →

Buy Art for Less than 1000 Euros

Buy Art for less than 1000 Euros      Buying Art doesn’t have to leave your bank account feeling drained. You can purchase quality artwork for less than 1000 euros and have the same artistic feel and quality in your home. Take a look at these paintings all for less than 1000 euros. Contact us today at to buy.… Read more →