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  ART GALLERIES AND MUSEUMS IN MUSCAT   It’s only in the last few decades that art in Oman has started to come into its own. In the last few years a big art scene has started to emerge, as well as… Read More →

Spend a day in Kishangarh Ajmer

Kishangarh, Ajmer, is famous for two reasons. The first is a painting. To be more precise, it’s a portrait titled Bani Thani by Nihal Chandra. Dubbed “India’s Mona Lisa”, it’s one of the most important works to have emerged from the Kishangarh… Read More →

arco madrid2014

ARCO Madrid 2014

ARCO Madrid or the Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo (ARCO) was established in 1982 in Madrid and takes place for a few days every February, in Spain. It is commonly referred to as ARCO.Having successfully been running for over thirty years it… Read More →


Miami Beach Art Fair 2013

Find great information about contemporary art fairs and art events in Miami and Miami Beach between December 3 – 8, 2013. There are twenty art fairs, spread out between Miami Beach, Miami’s Wynwood Art District and Downtown Miami.   With thousands among… Read More →


Why buy Art online?

Why Buy Art  Online?   Online art is often cheaper than gallery prices Art galleries add on their own mark-up, often as much as 50%. Therefore, a painting you sell for $500 will be selling for $1000, which could put it out… Read More →


The Horse Sculpture

Let us introduce to you, Nic Fiddian-Green, a unique and inspirational British artist seeking fame from his massive heads! Fiddian-Green’s colossal, classically inspired equine heads are exhibited around the world in prominent locations, including ‘Still water ‘, the 30-foot head of a drinking horse right… Read More →