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New 2015 Calendars from Maite Rodriguez Art Gallery

Order today your calendar from Maite Rodriguez Art Gallery and receive free post and packaging. 12 months of magnificant paintings from Maite Rodriguez. Start your year off with a touch of colour.   Email us at enquiry@maiterodriguez.es       Related articles… Read More →


What new inside the studio

Take a look at some of the paintings currently in progress inside Maite´s art studio. If you would like to buy, reserve or have your own painting designed and made by Maite Rodriguez, send us an email at enquiry@maiterodriguez.es Share this

Spend a day in Kishangarh Ajmer

Kishangarh, Ajmer, is famous for two reasons. The first is a painting. To be more precise, it’s a portrait titled Bani Thani by Nihal Chandra. Dubbed “India’s Mona Lisa”, it’s one of the most important works to have emerged from the Kishangarh… Read More →

arco madrid2014

ARCO Madrid 2014

ARCO Madrid or the Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo (ARCO) was established in 1982 in Madrid and takes place for a few days every February, in Spain. It is commonly referred to as ARCO.Having successfully been running for over thirty years it… Read More →


Miami Beach Art Fair 2013

Find great information about contemporary art fairs and art events in Miami and Miami Beach between December 3 – 8, 2013. There are twenty art fairs, spread out between Miami Beach, Miami’s Wynwood Art District and Downtown Miami.   With thousands among… Read More →