‘SOLIPSIST,’ by Andrew Huang

Experimental Film, Explores Mind Boggling Theory   It’s amazing what a little light, dust, CGI and philosophy can do. Andrew Huang uses these tricks to build a technicolor dreamworld in his experimental short “SOLIPSIST.”   Solipsism is, in incredibly simplified terms, a philosophical theory that one can only be sure of their own mind’s existence. The short film’s plot is on point with this convoluted theory;… Read more →

Sleep Art

Sleep Art: Robot Paints the Sleep Patterns of Hotel Guests   It is human nature to wonder what happens while we’re asleep – and now a robot and a special bed will help a lucky few people find out. The Sleep Art project will involve a select few individuals who will be selected to sleep in one of five Ibis Hotels in… Read more →

World Canvas

Street Artist JR Uses World As His Canvas    JR is a street artist who owns the biggest art gallery in the world. His work mixes art and act, talks about commitment, freedom, identity and limit. With his worldwide project ‘’The Wrinkles of the City’’ , his actions aim to show through theirs wrinkles, the inhabitants of a city, the… Read more →

Art and Fashion come together in Valencia

By Irene Gomez Garciapatos   Today starts the exhibition ‘Between Scenes. Art and Fashion ‘, sponsored by Pedro del Hierro and organized by the Instituto Valencia d’Art Modern (IVAM). It will remain open until October 20, 2013. The exhibition, part of the multidisciplinary project ‘Viva Valencia’, shows how the creations of 25 leading contemporary designers mingle with works from the… Read more →

151st Anniversary of the Birth of Gustav Klimt

151st anniversary of the birth of Gustav Klimt (July 14, 1862 – February 6, 1918)   One of my all time favourite painters, Gustav Klimt an Austrian Symbolist painter and one of the most prominent members of the Vienna Art Nouveau (Vienna Secession) movement.  His paintings embody true creative expressions, which have managed to keep attracting art lovers for centuries.… Read more →

Giacometti, Fields of Play

This latest exhibition hosted by the Mapfre Foundation, Recoletos Exhibition Hall shows us the sculptures of one of the most craved after artists the art market has to offer. Swiss artist, Alberto Giacometti 1901-1966 has created impressive sculptures and this exhibition incorporates those from his entire career. The range from his Surrealist beginning to his most famous made for the… Read more →

Curiosity: Art and the Pleasure of Knowing

The Turner Contemporary, Margate UK presents its latest exhibition, Curiosity, on show from 23rd March until 15th September 2013. The artist and writer Brian Dillon guides audiences through the passions and obsessions of latter day naturalists, and in the process, reveals how these fascinating specimens have influenced the history of art. The exhibition is unique in its style, as its… Read more →

Spirit of Art Returns to Vienna

International Art Exhibition 10-16 June 2013    Once again the Moya Museum hosts the international Art Exhibition, Spirit of Art. This is the fifth edition of the international contemporary art exhibition, Spirit of Art and has been welcomed by art lovers, dealers and curators alike. The exhibition is a unique experience which embodies a multi cultural merging of colour and… Read more →

Inside the Artist Tim Biskup

  Its rare that we get a chance to see into the lives of talented artist. However Tim Biskup is doing just that. In the video below, we get to experience just what makes the artist tick, his likes, dislikes, inspiration behind his famous artwork and  a small peak into his everyday life.   Biskup is an American artist part… Read more →

The Arts Village

  From ‘Home of the Bandits’ to ‘The Arts Village’ of Bandung   In Western Java capital Bandung lies the impoverish village Cicadas.  Once known as the “Home of the Bandits”  and  “Shattered Glass Area” It experienced frequent communal riots, violence which descended the area into chaos.    Today, Cicadas has been transformed due to the insight of Rahmat Jabaril, a… Read more →