Why buy Art online?

Why Buy Art  Online?

Online art is often cheaper than gallery prices Art galleries add on their own mark-up, often as much as 50%. Therefore, a painting you sell for $500 will be selling for $1000, which could put it out of price range for a lot of people. But, online galleries or independent artists  can set their own prices, which are often much cheaper. Maite Rodriguez Art gallery is a  gallery that takes no commission, nor does it charge from representation keeping its artwork affordable for its collectors. This doesn’t make the art less valuable. It only means that we do the promoting work that art galleries do for free.

It’s also relatively easy to search through works of artists at online portfolio sites and find some great deals. Some artists even have secure shopping carts for buying artworks directly from their websites. Support struggling artists from around the world There are many extremely talented artists around the world who are struggling to make ends meat. By buying art from online us, you will be helping support them and enabling them to create more art.

You can learn about the artist before buying. A good idea is to start by looking at the artist’s past artworks, their artist statement, bio, and more.  Art collectors frequently do this to learn as much as possible about the artist, before buying.

It is easier to find a specific piece that will look good in your home. On the internet, there is a much greater selection of artists than in any art gallery.

It is not difficult to search for artworks at all. They can be found on Facebook, and at many free online portfolio websites, such as, Maite Rodriguez online gallery,  Saatchi Online, and more.

 Simply  browse through the artists and send us an email. We are delighted to answer your questions on sizes, techniques, price and the artists themselves. All Artworks for sale here a You are not pressured into buying unlike in some art galleries. Online, no pushy sales assistant will intimidate you by following you and make judgements about your choosen piece. Art collectors can view artworks in their own time without having someone influence their decision to buy. You can scan prices and see what fits in your budget.

Easy to buy the artworks. Buying artworks online is often a few clicks away. It’s much easier to just shop online in your own time than visiting art galleries, especially if you have to travel large distances to find one.

  3 Replies to “Why buy Art online?”

  1. sandra Thomas
    November 10, 2013 at 10:46 pm

    Great information. Im a hobby artist looking to become more professional but im finding it hard to get the attention i think my artwork deserves.

    Its difficult 🙁

  2. Gillian Verdon
    November 11, 2013 at 2:24 pm

    Personally, I think its a matter of choice. I prefer to see the art in a gallery than on the web. It makes more of an impression on the view that way. However I do love the artwork on this website. The meninas are precious, filled with lots of detail and different techniques.

  3. Jaime Aguilera
    November 14, 2013 at 11:45 pm

    Very helpful article. I has been looking for this kind of information for a work Im doing in our Art school for ages. Thanks for the tips 🙂

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