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Affordable Art Fair

Hong Kong hosts its first Affordable Art Fair 2013   From the owner of Art Warehouse and art-hub PULSE, Will Ramsay has brought Affordable Art Fair to Hong Kong.  The show premiered on 14 March 2013 highlighting art themed workshops hosted by the Sunkids Art Studio for children aged four to twelve, an educational programme organised by Art Equity, the… Read more →

Advantages of selling Art online!!

In a traditional art gallery, selling art is limited to the number of people who choose to visit the gallery and then make a decision to purchase.  Galleries also charge as much as 50% in commission. Whereas commissions charged by online galleries is only 1-5% usually, and about 10% on the higher end. ivermectin paste dewormer dose  Nowadays everything is… Read more →

Made with the Human Body

Have you ever stopped and thought how remarkable the human body really is? ivermectin for malaria If not, now is your chance. Witness some stunning photographs, which at first glance appear to be simple and elegant, however if you  view them more closely you will see they are actually formed from human bodies.   Tell us what you think!  … Read more →

Digital Art Leads the Way

Digital Art   Maybe you are like me; I’m still trying to grasp what Digital Art is and how it’s formed. It is so mysterious that it leads me to wonder if it is indeed art, as it is self proclaimed or like many critics, is just a new age function of computers requiring nothing more than the knowledge of… Read more →

New language for Contemporary Art

Alunageorge – “Your drums, your love”   Alunageorge,  is the buzz of the contemporary art world claiming to communicate in the language understood by all artists. They are a new  band from London, consisting of Aluna Francis and George Reid, together they are becoming known for the massive influence they potentially hold to transform the image of the art industry.… Read more →

Art around the World

China   Recently is seems that everyone is talking about China and rightly,  so as we are witnessing a once in a decade leadership change. In the last few years China has developed into one of the world´s leading economies’ with and estimated 1,347,350,000 citizens. It is seen no longer a land of oppression but one of prosperity, which is… Read more →

Art around the World

Indonesia   For those artists that struggle to find inspiration for your next painting or piece of art, these articles will be for you. I hope to show you a range of different styles and techniques used around the world. I have traveled to many different countries and I always find it helpful to look at other artist’s work. Art… Read more →

Junk Art

Junk Art definitely gives reality to the saying, “One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure”. Junk artists are extremely imaginative and creative. Junk Art is the formation of sculptures from found objects or junk. They use anything and everything in their work, everyday household trash which we casually discard as a daily chore. Using junk to make pieces of art is… Read more →