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The Undoing´s Success lies in its Artwork

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HBO´s The Undoing has smashed viewing records. A perfect whodunnit that feeds our fascination with the ultra-wealthy and the drama that ultimately leads to their undoing. However for me, The Undoing´s success lies in its Artwork.


Keith Haring


World AIDS Day – Keith Harring

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World AIDS Day 2020 – Keith Haring – take a look at his influential art and how it has helped educate, prevent and spread awareness of a deadly epidemic. 


Menina with Handkerchief Alfonso CuñadoAlfonso Cuñado Kaleidoscope

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Modern Art from Alfonso Cuñado in his Exhibition Kaleidoscope. Exhibition: Sala de exposiciones de La Salina 25th November 2020 until 3rd January 2021   The artwork from Alfonso Cuñado is calling! Returning to the Salina after 20 years.





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