Buy Original Modern Art 


Maite Rodriguez Art Gallery offers the opportunity to buy original modern art, signed and certified by the artist Maite Rodriguez. You will find original art paintings in various styles and sizes, guaranteed to appeal to all art lovers. Whether you are looking for an original abstract, modern art, classic or realism, wood, canvas, framed or unframed we will be able to accommodate your needs.

Maite Rodriguez Art Gallery offers a unique buying experience for any collector. When you buy an original piece of art, the preferred method is to buy directly from the artist, avoiding high commission charges. Maite Rodriguez Art Gallery adds no extra ´hidden` commission charges. Maite Rodriguez Art Gallery is a profesional Art Gallery which will handle your purchase with good communication, care, and professionalism as we understand you are not just simply buying a painting, but a work of art.


Art paintings speak uniquely to each buyer and preference can vary from oil paintings on canvas to acrylic on wood board. Whatever your taste, Maite Rodriguez Art Gallery will assist you in finding your unique piece of original art and ship it to you by according to your specific specifications.


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