The Fine Art Gallery


Maite Rodriguez Art Gallery is very proud to present the extraordinary Fine Art collection by Maite Rodriguez. The collection includes timeless traditional landscapes painted early into the artist´s career and ultimately ranges to her modern and more contemporary paintings, more representative of her current artistic temperament. Each hold individual and unique sentiment along with their artistic merit, depicting a deep and personal journey into the heart and soul of the artist. Her paintings portray elegance and grace in a poetic yet masterful form affording each subject respect and enlightenment. Her love of nature and travel is abundant in her artwork which she combines in an expressionistic manner by her use of color and shape. This is sure to illuminate any room, additionally lifting the aura and frame of mind of all within it.


All paintings are original and unique, truly one of a kind, each adopting different materials and techniques, oils or canvas, paper or acrylic, blended together in an inimitable way. The artist, Maite Rodriguez has experimented with a mixture of different techniques, textures and styles throughout her career. All artworks are available to buy in our online shop, or alternatively you can buy a limited edition print. If you have any queries about the paintings or would like more information please feel free to contact us.


Thank you for taking the time to experience the Fine Art collection from Maite Rodriguez.