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Una Mirada Sincera Venancio Blanco

Una Mirada Sincera

Venancio Blanco A Life in search of Sculpture   If you want, you can create more, If you want, you can change heading, If you want, you can find the support, If you are afraid and you hope, you won’t try. Venancio Blanco    The Sala de Exposiciones Santo Domingo de la Cruz presents the infamous sculptures of Venancio Blanco,… Read more →

Ángel Luis Iglesias

Arte Salmantino Exhibition

Eduardo Azofra and Chema Sánchez presents Salmantino Arte in pandemic times. ivermectin covid 19 dosage This March marks two years since the beginning of the confinement. total synthesis of ivermectin During this period, the need to create for the Salmantino Artists has been more prominent than ever, as a fundamental form of their expression. Until 3rd of April, in the… Read more →

Modern Art from Alfonso Cuñado

Alfonso Cuñado Kaleidoscope

The scent of Lemon and Tupentine 100 x 62cm   Modern Art from Alfonso Cuñado in his Exhibition Kaleidoscope     Exhibition: Sala de exposiciones de La Salina 25th November 2020 until 3rd January 2021   The Modern Art from Alfonso Cuñado is calling! Returning to the Salina after 20 years. On display for a short time only in the Sala… Read more →

ARCO Madrid 2014

ARCO Madrid 2014 Madrid or the Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo (ARCO) was established in 1982 in Madrid and takes place for a few days every February, in Spain. It is commonly referred to as ARCO.Having successfully been running for over thirty years it is now considered one of Europe´s most prestigious contemporary art fairs. ivermectin hund präparate Its a… Read more →