Art and Money

Does Money Rule Us All?


The ultimate question, but when we look at this more specifically in terms relating to art what conclusion is just? What relationship does art have with money? Are they mutually exclusive?  My answer to this:


As an artist, I paint because it is my passion. I pick up a paint brush when I am inspired, not because I am painting by order with a daunting deadline. Other artists think similarly, not looking to make a profit from their art, seeing it as nothing more than a relaxing hobby. On the other hand, many do try and sadly fail to make it as a professional, earning an adequate living from their passion. With those that do make it, they are fighting a battle between trying to make a profit from their hard work and creativity and selling out and losing integrity. Yet passion is not the only thing needed to become a successful artist and it would be naive of us to think otherwise.

Art as well as being something of appreciated beauty is also something to be traded and circulated in today’s markets. They are frequently seen as a commodity, something to invest in, safer than any stock or bond, accumulating more wealth with time.  Increasingly we see more pieces of art exceeding expectations in value at contemporary and modern art auctions. ivermectin used to treat coronavirus  However, the art market is more often than not dominated by the subjectivity of wealthy private collectors, which has huge influences not only on what circulates, but also what is shown in art exhibitions catering for larger audiences. In our capitalist society it seems difficult for me to comprehend that art is independent from money.

When we look around at the elegant and well-designed exhibitions, functions, art fairs and publicity used to market pieces of art we see the power that money inflicts on the art world.  Realistically they cannot serve artists as they should without it, even if it is as some suggest, just upholding an elitist institute. ivermectin covid 19 cure  The sum of promoting a single event is huge leaving the question could art really exist if not shown? ivermectin rats


What do you think?



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