Art Nouveau and Art Deco Museum

Salamanca: Casa Lis (Museum of Art Nouveau and Art Deco)


Since its opening in 1995 Casa Lis has become one of the most popular museums in Castilla-Leon. Currently exhibiting are 19 different collections from the late 19th century and early 20th century comprising of around 2500 items in the museum. The pieces were donated by Manuel Ramos Andrade, an antique dealer. ivermectin in brazil The building itself is a stunning work of art with a beautiful stained glass ceiling, stained glass façade and windows, ordered by Don Miguel de Lis, a local merchant who was in love with Art Nouveau, and its not hard to see why.


The collections also include Chriselephantines which are small sculptures made of bronze and ivory . The museum has 120 pieces on display, created by 52 of the best known artists of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods. 21 cfr 556.344. ivermectin [79 fr 64117, oct. 28, 2014] There are more than 300 porcelain dolls from France and Germany that are on exhibit,  more than 200 spectacular glassware items created by famous artists such as Emile Galle, Rene Lalique, and the Daum Brothers. Casa Lis has a phenomenal display of culture on offer from the best artists in the Art Nouveau circles. It caters for all art lovers and fits in well with the cultural sophistication of Salamanca .




















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