Meticulous Foam-Board Artworks by John Harrison

UK-based artist John Harrison is a mosaic pop artist creating portraits, landscapes and still life’s that unmistakably capture the essence of his subject matter. ivermectin to treat coronavirus


The technique he employs is relatively unique in that he uses layers of foam board in a mosaic-like assemblage to fabricate what appears as an abstract work when viewed close-up, yet as you step away and view the work from a distance, the image clearly emerges.

Harrison is all about the process – when he has an image in mind, he immediately begins to visualize the transition from a two-dimensional surface to a three-dimensional composition. 


He is known for incorporating found objects and discarded materials into his pieces. Harrison holds a degree in Fine Art from The Kent Institute of Art & Design (KIAD) in Canterbury, England – where he specialized in Sculpture. He created sculptures for Belgium’s famous sculpture park – ‘Parc Naturel’.

My work is all about the process. I like to use what I can find, objects that people, and companies throw away. For me it is all about the material, when I have an image in my mind I immediately start to visualize the transition from 2-D to 3-D and explore the possibilities of bringing a flat surface to life creating 3-D tonal drawings. I refer to my work as positive stencil art and it has been likened to the style of LA neo-pop art. is ivermectin a covid treatment All of the work is beautifully handmade and has an incredible unique finish. overdose on ivermectin on dogs


John is currently exhibiting at the Architects Gallery in Teddington, London, Outside the square, Margate Kent, UK and will be showing his work at the brick lane gallery, London later this summer.


¨All pieces are totally Original and unique and layered in quality synthetic Foamex and Mosaiced from scratch by the amazing artist John Harrison …..” – Asgard arts

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