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Matt Kane Volatility Art Project

Crypto Art vs Traditional Art

  Crypto Art vs Traditional Art   History was made late last year, by the Artist Matt Kane who sold his artwork, Right Place & Right Time, for more than $100,000. This is the first time a piece of digital art has been recognized with such a value in the crypto art movement, possibly signifying the emerging market is on the… Read more →

Social Art

Combine creative with social   Artist’s have found a fresh new way to publicize their art. With  social media we are able to show art to our closest family,  friends and the odd fan with artists  taking full advantage of this. They are using their social media accounts to take  hilarious  and unique requests. what is the name of gene… Read more →

Digital Art Leads the Way

Digital Art   Maybe you are like me; I’m still trying to grasp what Digital Art is and how it’s formed. It is so mysterious that it leads me to wonder if it is indeed art, as it is self proclaimed or like many critics, is just a new age function of computers requiring nothing more than the knowledge of… Read more →