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Modern Art from Alfonso Cuñado

Alfonso Cuñado Kaleidoscope

The scent of Lemon and Tupentine 100 x 62cm   Modern Art from Alfonso Cuñado in his Exhibition Kaleidoscope     Exhibition: Sala de exposiciones de La Salina 25th November 2020 until 3rd January 2021   The Modern Art from Alfonso Cuñado is calling! Returning to the Salina after 20 years. On display for a short time only in the Sala… Read more →

Keith Haring

World AIDS Day 2020 – Keith Haring

World AIDS Day 2020 – Keith Haring     Each year, on 1st December, the world commemorates World AIDS Day and this year was no exception. With focus firmly fixed on COVID -19, HIV resources and funding have been significantly reduced, devastating millions of communities. HIV is the cause of one of humanity’s deadliest and most persistent epidemics. In 2019,… Read more →

Immersivus Gallery Monet Klimt

Immersivus Gallery: Monet & Klimt

Why Art will never be the same again   Ocubo, a multi award-winning video-mapping production company have developed a unique way to display the colour and light of Claude Monet and the romantic intimacy of Gustav Klimt in the Immersivus Gallery: Monet & Klimt.   Immersivus Gallery: Monet & Klimt   Through the use of visual effects and holograms, visitors… Read more →

Awarded ´Best Art of the Day´ by Artradio.tv

One of the most recent paintings from Maite Rodriguez has been awarded ´Best Art of the Day´by Artradio.tv. Menina Stephanie, made in 2013, alongside two other Menina paintings were made especially for the group exhibition ´Elements of Expression´, taking place in Chelsea, New York. The exhibition is open from the 5th – 24th September 2013. All three Meninas are made… Read more →