Awarded ´Best Art of the Day´ by

One of the most recent paintings from Maite Rodriguez has been awarded ´Best Art of the Day´by Menina Stephanie, made in 2013, alongside two other Menina paintings were made especially for the group exhibition ´Elements of Expression´, taking place in Chelsea, New York. The exhibition is open from the 5th – 24th September 2013. All three Meninas are made on board using the highest quality oil paints and a mixture of techniques.

The Meninas meaning ladies in waitings in English are a representation of Spanish culture, painted in a new contemporary style, joining contemporary with classic. dxy ivermectin for dogs hw They convey a mixture of abstract and figurative genres which Maite admires most. how long until ivermectin tocixity symptoms start? All of the paintings are 85×72 cm and available to buy on our website. ivermectin for air sac mites If you would like to purchase any of the paintings you have seen on our website, contact us 

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You can see more of the Meninas in-depth below on this video


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