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The Arts Village

  From ‘Home of the Bandits’ to ‘The Arts Village’ of Bandung   In Western Java capital Bandung lies the impoverish village Cicadas.  Once known as the “Home of the Bandits”  and  “Shattered Glass Area” It experienced frequent communal riots, violence which descended the area into chaos. ivermectin powder for dogs to cure ear mites    Today, Cicadas has been… Read more →

Modern Artists

Pieter Ouborg : First Modern Artist in Indonesia   Wars by definition trigger immense changes that spell the collapse of the old and the ushering in of new orders, values and sensibilities. One of the major art European movements to rise from the ashes of the devastation of World War Two was CoBrA. Founded in 1948 this revolutionary group of… Read more →

Art around the World

Indonesia   For those artists that struggle to find inspiration for your next painting or piece of art, these articles will be for you. I hope to show you a range of different styles and techniques used around the world. I have traveled to many different countries and I always find it helpful to look at other artist’s work. Art… Read more →