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The Arts Village

  From ‘Home of the Bandits’ to ‘The Arts Village’ of Bandung   In Western Java capital Bandung lies the impoverish village Cicadas.  Once known as the “Home of the Bandits”  and  “Shattered Glass Area” It experienced frequent communal riots, violence which descended the area into chaos. ivermectin powder for dogs to cure ear mites    Today, Cicadas has been… Read more →

Dry the River Horses

Dry the River Horses (a 3D paper-craft poster project)   Dry the River, created these huge paper-craft horse posters in collaboration with FOAM creative Xavier Barrade to use as a promotional aid for the music band. Xavier designed the horses in 3D with Google Sketch Up before printing out and assembling the component parts. Each horse took around 35 hours… Read more →

Street Illusions

Erik Johansson – Street Illusions   Born in Sweden he now works as a full time photographer and retoucher  in Berlin, Germany. He has worked  on both personal- and commissioned projects creating astonishing photographs and incredible  street illusions. His work not only captures realism but it also demonstrates an in depth understanding of perspectives.  His bizarre and amazing photo manipulations… Read more →

Robo Rainbow

The beauty is the act; the act is the beauty    Created by Akay, Robo Rainbow is an amazing piece of machinery proving to be one of his more popular “instruments of mass destruction”, attracting all sorts of crowds to witness its workings. Robo Rainbow is a tool like no other, efficient and used to perform simple acts of vandalism.… Read more →