Advantages of selling Art online!!

In a traditional art gallery, selling art is limited to the number of people who choose to visit the gallery and then make a decision to purchase.  Galleries also charge as much as 50% in commission. Whereas commissions charged by online galleries is only 1-5% usually, and about 10% on the higher end. ivermectin paste dewormer dose  Nowadays everything is being sold online. The internet is full of buyers looking for original art.  An attractive, easy to navigate website is the ideal way for an artist to showcase your artwork. What you need to do is develop a smart looking website while also ensuring that potential customers will be able to locate your website. You need to pay attention when developing your website, to make it easy for major search engines like Google and Yahoo to index your website so visitors can easily locate you. This is making your website search engine friendly. los diabeticos pueden tomar ivermectina This Search Engine Optimization has all the techniques you can use to help your site get a higher ranking for specific search terms, for example, if you were selling water colors, you would want to optimize your site for the term “water colors.”


Once you have decided on your Domain name, you can optimize your website by adopting the following practices:

· Keyword Analysis

· Creating Title & Meta tags

· Content Writing

· Link Building

· Blogging


Another sure method to bring in more traffic to your website is using Google’s Pay Per Click (PPC) services.  Depending on your budget, this can be an effective way to drive more and more traffic to your site. Making out a very attractive newsletter can prove to be a very successful marketing tool.  You can email this newsletter to your site visitors. You could include a contact form   for them to fill out to receive your “free “ newsletter. This will enable you to get important contact information of potential customers. You can direct them to specific sections of your website etc. This way you can directly market your original artwork online. ivermectin safety in pregnancy There are   huge number of people who fill out these forms to receive free information on subjects of interest.


 After you have developed an attractive looking website, properly optimized and functioning well, you can get down to selling your original art. Make your payment page as professional as possible.  It is recommended you use an electronic payment method like Pay Pal. Do everything possible to reassure your customers that their information is secure, like displaying secure payment logos like locks. All this will help increase your sales. Make use of the above tips, and you can be sure of building a strong and prosperous career selling your original art online for many years!


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