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Inside the Artist Tim Biskup

  Its rare that we get a chance to see into the lives of talented artist. However Tim Biskup is doing just that. In the video below, we get to experience just what makes the artist tick, his likes, dislikes, inspiration behind his famous artwork and  a small peak into his everyday life.   Biskup is an American artist part… Read more →

Advantages of selling Art online!!

In a traditional art gallery, selling art is limited to the number of people who choose to visit the gallery and then make a decision to purchase.  Galleries also charge as much as 50% in commission. Whereas commissions charged by online galleries is only 1-5% usually, and about 10% on the higher end. ivermectin paste dewormer dose  Nowadays everything is… Read more →

Why Paint ?

Hello All, For months now, people have been screaming at me to start blogging. So after a lot of resistance and procrastination here I am. It is my attempt to communicate with the masses, help budding artists and generate discussions about my favorite pieces of art. I would like tell you a little about myself, what I paint and most… Read more →