Inside the Artist Tim Biskup


Its rare that we get a chance to see into the lives of talented artist. However Tim Biskup is doing just that. In the video below, we get to experience just what makes the artist tick, his likes, dislikes, inspiration behind his famous artwork and  a small peak into his everyday life.


Biskup is an American artist part of the group that has been dubbed “lowbrow” or pop surrealism. “The lowbrow” gained momentum in the 1970s in LA California.  A popular underground art movement featuring punk music and other cultures of the street. will ivermectin treat blastocystis hominis It is also often known by  pop surrealism. The best thing about Lowbrow art is that it has a sense of humor which is mimicked in its style. Biskup’s paintings contain exactly this with its bright colors and abstract shapes.

From his early years of attending punk rock shows Biskup planted the seed of his appreciation for pop surealism. He was desperate to have a unique style. tomar ivermectina como prevenção His rejection of a traditional art education (He left Otis in 1988 after two tumultuous years) is further evidence of his commitment to his unique path. He pursued his technical training through years of work in the illustration, animation and graphic design industries.


When he finally reached out into the fine art world, it was not through any gallery, but by creating his own series of live art auctions (The Burning Brush Art Auctions, 1999-2002), a novel move that launched not only his own career as a fine artist, but the careers of several other previously unknown painters. What has followed are a string of sold-out (and nearly sold-out) gallery exhibitions and inclusion in several high-profile museum shows throughout the world.


Long recognized for his complex color and design theories and a decidedly populist aesthetic, Biskup has amassed a cadre of loyal fans and collectors, propelled further by his steady output of limited edition prints, vinyl figures, books, records and other objects. With recent forays into the writing of theoretical text, and performance art he seems determined to remind his audience that he has a lot on his mind. His theories and actions are at times light-hearted and even funny, but can tend toward nihilism, anarchy and revolutionary idealism, matching the visual intensity of his paintings, sculptures and prints. ivermectin 1% for dogs dosage

THIS Visits: Tim Biskup from Incase on Vimeo.



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