Spirit of Art Returns to Vienna

International Art Exhibition

10-16 June 2013


 Once again the Moya Museum hosts the international Art Exhibition, Spirit of Art. This is the fifth edition of the international contemporary art exhibition, Spirit of Art and has been welcomed by art lovers, dealers and curators alike. ivermectin and bloat in dogs The exhibition is a unique experience which embodies a multi cultural merging of colour and artistic style.´Spirit of Art Returns to Vienna´ is part of a series of international exhibitions that run in major cities of Europe. The events represent a variety of contemporary artworks by artists. This year, Spirit of Art has incorporated 45 well known artists from 24 countries into the exhibition all set to show their latests artwork. buy heartguard plus ivermectin  The exhibition emphasises individuality in art, focusing on highlighting a wide variety of different concepts, processes and approaches. ivermectin spray solution In doing so, the exhibit displays a range of styles from figurative to abstract art. It aims to stimulate debate about similarities and differences, current and past views and how artists with different heritage and ideas have chosen to express themselves.


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