An Artist’s Perspective

For many artists perspective is a tricky topic to comprehend. Until now, many artists struggle to come to grips with creating an illusion of depth in their paintings, but in fact perspective more than just depth, it  is “the technique of representing a three dimensional image” that means it must have aspects of height, width and depth. Without this particular skill you will find that your artwork is nothing more than a lifeless painting or sketch, void of any sense of reality, which of course nobody wants to see! It is in fact the skill to transform a completely flat piece of paper to resemble truth conveying a sense of space and depth.


In western Art many refer to perspective as ‘linear perspective’. This concept was derived in the 15th century by Leon Battista Alberti and architect Filippo Brunelleschi. By ploting straight lines the artists were able to determine where things must go, breathing life into flat one dimensional painting. Linear perspective transformed how we see beautiful art paintings with this practice still being used today.


In order to understand this vast subject, firstly get to know and understand the terminology. There is a lot to deal with and without it you will only be more confused and frustrated. Whether its understanding vanishing lines or one point perspective, take it slow and have patience. The hardest part is not only understanding but remembering to use it through your art work.

This video below demonstrates digitally different viewpoints on a subject.



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