Art Galleries and Museums in Muscat

 Art Galleries and Museums in Muscat


It’s only in the last few decades that art in Oman has started to come into its own. In the last few years a big art scene has started to emerge, as well as a market for art. Many Omani artists are simply working as employees and can only have free reign to create what they like in their free time. Having said that, the art in Oman is still beautiful and there are many places you can visit that will give you a taste of the history and culture of this beautiful land. why does ivomec have a longer shelf life than generic ivermectin


The Omani Society of Fine Arts


The Omani Society of Fine Arts is a firm believer that art is a gateway to bring people from all different cultures and walks of life together. Here you’ll be able to view beautiful paintings, sculptures, photos, sculptures and more. You can also view seminars, workshops, and lectures.


Al Madina Art Gallery


This gallery has a vast collection of art, including oil paintings, water colours, and prints. You can also find sensational souvenirs, such as pearls and desert diamonds. ivermectine usage veterinaire The special thing about this gallery is that it supports both international and aspiring local artists.


Bait Al Zubair Museum


The carved wooden doors of this fascinating place have been open to the public since 1998. The museum displays the Zubair family’s collection of Omani artefacts: one of the finest collections out there! avl ivermectin You definitely get a real taste for Omani culture and heritage.


Fatma’s Gallery


This is positioned in Muscat’s local art gallery where both established and unestablished Omani artists, or in fact anybody with outstanding talent can display their works. You’ll find a vast collection including Arabic calligraphy, abstract art, modern art, digital art, wood carved art, scenes from Omani folklore and many more stunning pieces to suit all tastes.


Bait Al Baranda


Bait Al Baranda is located near one of Muscat’s most tourist-infested places, Muttrah souq, by the Sultan Qaboos Port roundabout, and transports its visitors back in time using its array of interactive pieces. Bait Al Baranda showcases the colorful history of the region including Oman geology; ancient life, human settlements from 10,000 BC to the early Islamic era, the Portuguese occupation, Al Busaidi Dynasty, all the way up to Muscat today.


Bait Muzna


This gallery exhibits fabulous artwork including a range of media paintings, sculptures, photos, installation and concept art. Art is a huge part of Omani culture and you can really tell when you visit this place.


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If you love art and broadening your horizons with different works/genres of art, Oman should not be missed!





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