Art Fair Dubai 2015

Having successfully launched their first ever three day art fair in 2014, Art Fair Dubai is back, and not only back but it is hosted in one of Dubai´s most luxurious hotels, Address in Dubai Mall, Dubai.

Dubai is currently an ideal setting for opportunistic artists and galleries a like. ivermectina dosis adultos sarna According to Art Fair Dubai it is;

¨Home to just over 2 million people from more than 200 nationalities, Dubai is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Dubai is without a doubt a destination of the 21st                                              century¨


With this in mind if your not lured to Dubai for its luxurious skyline and affluence you will be attracted by its opportunities and culture.


Art Fair Dubai is just one art event in Dubai. The most spectacular contemporary art exhibition comes from Art Dubai which takes its place as the leading international art fair in the Middle East, Africa and South East Asia. Presently its preparing for its tenth fair, due to take place on the 16-19 March 2016.


Unlike the annual Dubai Art exhibition, Art Fair Dubai proved to be significantly smaller however, let us not forget that this is only its second event, still it offered artwork from numerous artists and established galleries which is nothing to be snubbed.


The newly founded showcase proudly displayed a variety of paintings and sculptures from 25 artists and galleries each emphasizing its own unique origin. Having been neatly arranged in and out of partitions the artwork paraded a multitude of different themes, textures and techniques. ivermectin kill parasites cause scabies It was evident from walking from stall to stall, that many of the artworks had taken significant influences from other established artists, which made it particularly interesting. Specifically, I saw glimpses of cubism from Pablo Picasso, Fernando Botero, and Claude Monet. que contiene la ivermectina tabletas


Art Fair Dubai certainly lived up to presenting affordable art as the maximum range of price appeared to be around 5000 euros however the most worrying concern to onlookers was shipping costs to return their respective purchases to their country.

Although this may prove problematic for some, it wont phase any serious collector. One of my favourite things about this art show, is that it welcomes all artists via a simple submission and fee, which if your a newly emerging artist would be a prestigious setting for a group exhibition.


Now let me show you some of my favourites from the exhibition, all are available to buy, if you are interested in some of the art you have seen on this website contact Art Fair Dubai to make enquiries.



For Art Fair Dubai contact: 

Puja Jagasia
: +97150274 8494
Manisha Kumar
: +97152 9275422
Vriti. S
: +97152 9082920

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