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Hi DrKap here. We’ve recently featured a number of new artists on artradio.tv all of whom are joining and sharing their artwork and portfolios via our platform. We review every artist that comes up daily and like to reward the art we like most by featuring it in our best art of the day platform and pushing it through our social media feeds.
Often we discover artists who are exceptional in terms of quality, consistency and breadth of portfolio. We contact these artists and request to interview them. Sometimes they oblige and we feature them as special articles in the blog.


Maite Rodriguez is a Spanish artist who originally studied at the School of St. Eloy de Salamanca. Originally working in chalk and charcoals she progressed to oils and acrylics and has build an impressive collection of paintings which incorporate abstract, contemporary, modern and classic styles in a unique and distinctive infusion. She has just finished exhibiting at the Moya Museum in Vienna and will be part of the Elements of Expression exhibit, New York in December. We fell in love with her style and it’s diversity and got in touch to ask her a few questions. Here are the responses:


What was your initial inspiration that led you to a lifetime of drawing and art?

I can’t quite place the initial inspiration but I have been very creative from an early age; since I was a young girl I remember thinking that being creative was a game and so I would find the most enjoyment in activities involving, paintings and drawing. Often I would create my own games from old materials such as fabric and cardboard that was meant to be discarded or left in and around our house. As I grew older, I also took pleasure in sewing, designing my own clothes as well as those for my sisters. I like to create different things from various object, fabric, wood, glass and metal. I also made curtains and pillows for my house. I believe that creativity is something that runs in my blood and I am happy to see my son taking interest in creating and designing his own artwork.
I find inspiration now in so many places it’s difficult to identify one thing in particular. For me, I find inspiration in particular from other artists and their artwork. Therefore when I feel down and cannot paint I visit museums and other art exhibitions.
I find travelling very inspirational, the different cultures that I encounter provide the most striking and I often carry a little notebook along with my camera so that I can capture a particular moment or experience and keep it forever.

My muse is Hannna, my St. Bernard who gives me love and inspiration daily.

I also listen to classical music such as Cecila Bartoli and Maria Callas whilst I am painting, to assist in the creative process, currently in my CD player is music from Concierto de Piano y Arpa from Juan Ignacio and Anna Marcías.


What impact do you feel your art has made on people?

In my opinion a work of art is a form of expression, something that communicates a message, a moment or emotion to someone. Human beings have this remarkable ability to communicate through different means with one another and we are able to process art in this way and form connections with others around us. Art is in prevalence whether it is through dancing, painting, music, acting, its whatever inspires you or others.
I hope that people see that my art features the mark of contemporariness, reflecting social, political, economical, and cultural aspects occurring at that time. I strongly believe that art is a way to capture every moment with creative and inspirational techniques that reveal cultural identifications.


What is the most memorable thing ever said about you or your art?

I think the most memorable thing ever said about my artwork was that It transmits happiness. Its something that has stuck with me for many years and makes me feel good about creating more paintings.


Is your studio up and running now and what difference has it made?

Yes…. ! Its been running for 6 months now. how to apply ivermectin to guinea pigs It’s had a lot of attention and appeared also in Studio Magazine. You can find the article here: https://maiterodriguez.es/studio-magazine-fall-2013/

Having a studio is of great significance. Before I designed this studio, I only had a, cramped little room limited light. It hindered my creative process enormously as my paintings were restricted to small formats. If I wanted to produce something bigger I had to go outside or use someone else’s studio. Although this has helped me significantly, the most substantial benefit is having access to natural light along with being inseparable with nature. I have infinite access to both of these due to the big glass windows in which Hanna can also come and go. afoxolaner ivermectin In the ceiling I have big glass panels, which equally contribute a large amount of natural light.


Tell us more about your studio:

My space is all about creating the best environment for inspiration. With this in mind, I have surrounded myself with objects that invoke strong memories or moments from my life. I have travel souvenirs, large antique stamps from Indonesia, Malaysian Puppets, photos of my children, a type writer from my first professional job, an antique shoe repair kit belonging to my late father. I have four clocks from depicting the different times zones in London, Madrid, New York, and Jakarta.
I have a large map with flags showing the different countries I have visited. I still have the very first easel I ever owned and painted on at the tender age of twelve. I have the hat and scarf my grandfather wore when he rode horses in the bullring, something strongly tied to my Spanish culture. Most importantly the objects in my studio must be meaningful.


Who are your favourite artists?



What has your experience of artradio.tv been like thus far?

I think artradio.tv is an excellent tool for artists, collectors, and art lovers a like. It displays some excellent contemporary artwork and brings it right into your home.


What are you looking to achieve moving ahead with your art?

Like every artist, I hope to evolve and continue to create paintings that capture moments. I would describe my evolution as an artist, initially basing my paintings on what is around me and trying to capture it with realism. However I have now evolved to express myself without capturing the reality around me, but by trying to show my feelings with colours to create a more impressionist style of artwork.
In terms of presenting my artwork, 2013 has been a busy year for me indeed. I have recently finished an exhibition in the Moya Museum in Vienna, Austria and I am currently part of a group exhibition called Elements of Expression in New York. December 2013 I will also appear in a group exhibition in Miami.
My artwork is also apart of an emerging project called ´Left handed & creative project¨ where it will be featured in a gallery and promoted internationally.

I hope to continue exhibiting in 2014, along with expanding my online gallery with more emerging and talented artists and produce group exhibitions for them.

Details of up coming exhibitions, projects and publications are to be found at www.maiterodriguez.es 

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