Giacometti, Fields of Play

This latest exhibition hosted by the Mapfre Foundation, Recoletos Exhibition Hall shows us the sculptures of one of the most craved after artists the art market has to offer. Swiss artist, Alberto Giacometti 1901-1966 has created impressive sculptures and this exhibition incorporates those from his entire career. The range from his Surrealist beginning to his most famous made for the Chase Manhattan Plaza. Giacometti is best known for converting his studio into a place of experimentation, where the artist staged himself and his figural creations.

Alberto Giacometti´s Fields of Play exhibition offers 150 works on loan from 35 different private institutions, museums and private collections. It features some of Giacometti’s most important works such as ‘Standing Woman’ and ‘Small Bust on a Pedestal’ from the Klewan Collection, together with photographs of Giacometti in his studio taken by Robert Doisneau. The exhibition also culminates with the celebrated sculptures `Large Woman´ and ´Walking Man´, which were devised by the artist to co-exist with the spectator.

His artwork focuses on the spatial relationships that he established between different figures. Giacometti thought of his sculptures as a place that can be inhabited in the manner of an environment, located between art, life, and death. His early Surrealist sculptures took the form of game boards. feline ivermectin dosage Post war his sculptures focus on the interplay between figures, representing different spatiotemporal situations.


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