Junk Art

  • Junk Art definitely gives reality to the saying, “One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure”. Junk artists are extremely imaginative and creative. Junk Art is the formation of sculptures from found objects or junk. They use anything and everything in their work, everyday household trash which we casually discard as a daily chore. Using junk to make pieces of art is a creative way to reduce waste and recycle unusual products. ivermectin injectable topical dosage ear mites dogs Visual Art categories of Junk Art are assemblage and sculpture. At first glance, Junk Art looks like a confusing pile of redundant mess. But we are not used to seeing these raw materials used in this way. Negative connotations of irrelevance, insignificance and obscenity are deeply rooted within the materials used, which distorts our perception the artwork. ivermectina vende sem receita On closer inspection we see that when the artist combines these unwanted materials, order is created from chaos revealing the worthlessness of the piece as an illusion.

By Thomas Deininger

By Thomas Deininger


Junk Art sprung to life when the critic Lawrence Alloway labeled the work of Robert Rauschenberg’s combines in the mid-1950s. It arrived in the public light moments before Pop Art, and Funk Art  made their debut. Of the three, Junk Art is by far the most durable movement with its abundant supply of raw material. Consequently we will see the Junk Art movement lasting decades!


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