Top 10 worst things an artist could do!

  • Jump straight in


All artists wants to think they have a natural gift straight away for painting, convinced they are hiding a little Pablo Picasso or Henri Matisse inside. It’s a lovely romantic idea but it’s most probably untrue! Unless you are one of the lucky ones and I hope you are, otherwise you will be in for a shock. Unfortunately painting is one of those skills that develop with practice.  So my advice is to start with the basics, don’t over look the techniques acquired through the simple practice of picking up a piece of paper and sketching. ivermectin -horse -heart   The purpose is to quickly capture a form of reference that you find appealing. The more often you do this the better your skills will be. It is an important skill and essential to become a famous artist. Don’t be too quick to start painting


  • Be thinking me, me, me!


Broaden your horizon, get inspiration from other sources or artists, and build a reference library of pictures, books, and Internet clippings, diving deep into art history. Most Artists agree, that they get inspiration and ideas from others, they use a combination of techniques or ideas that they have seen before.They also are braver and experiment with different art forms.  Its not copying, you are using other paintings as a reference material that hopefully one day will inspire you to create a masterpiece. It will also help you to appreciate fine art more, either that or you will end up hating it.


  • Sticking to one medium


Experimenting is a very important part of conceptual art, hopefully making you one of the more successful famous artists. If you stay with one medium it often becomes boring and predictable. ivermectin stay in system Don´t be afraid to explore and experiment with different materials, fabrics, papers, wood, plastic, anything!Try , oil or acrylic painting techniques, watercolours, pastels, charcoal, even airbrushing. You will surprise yourself and your audience producing unexpected results shown in your paintings.  Also don’t worry, most artists  don’t get it right on the first attempt either!


  • Don’t ask for critic


Yes, it’s scary, but it is a necessary step to having you painting considered fine art. You have to put yourself out there at some point, as all the famous artists have, and I don’t just mean to you mum or granny. You need to get genuine feedback and critique from an independent unbiased source. The more knowledgeable they are about conceptual art the better! nombre de patente de ivermectina You never know, you may be pleasantly surprised.


  • Pretend like nothings wrong


If you have a particular weak point, don’t ignore it and pretend it will go away. These things rarely do. Get help and turn it from weakness to strength. Become a master of art


  • Imitate Others


At the start, of course it is always good practise to try to mimic the paintings and techniques of other famous artists. However at some point you have to branch out and develop your own style. This can be a big jump for some but having your own original art is also an important part of being a successful artist. There are various art forms out there and its up to you to choose where your paintings  fit best.


  • Accepting imitations


This cant be emphasized enough! Do the best you can to know your art form well. Go to classes, read books, other materials. Learn new art techniques and venture out of your comfort zone. Learn, as much as you can about color theory and how to use it in different art forms, investing in this niche will pay off in the end.


  • Ignore different perspectives


Experiment with vanishing points, sketching 3 dimensional objects until you reach perfection. Investing in this area of expertise will give your art the life it needs.  Research it thoroughly if needed.


  • Quit


After one bad review its very tempting to throw in the ‘art towel’. But don’t! Persevere, every artist will tell you that you need these bad reviews. You will learn to value them more than the good ones, it these that will encourage you to improve your art and get better. Learn to make the negative positive and remember most famous artists aren’t appreciated or considered fine art until after their death.


  • Stop Practicing


This is the worst thing for all artists. Try to set aside a few hours a day to practice different art techniques. Its difficult but it will improve your paintings in the long term. Let me clarify, I’m not encouraging you to quit your day job and chain yourself to a easel with a paintbrush in your hand, just try to spend half an hour a day sketching or painting. Remember fine art won’t produce itself.  Don’t end up like this :

By Spanish painter Elías García Martínez

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