Treasure Island

Treasure Island: British Art from Holbein to Hockney


From 05th October 2012 to 20th January 2013 – at the Juan March Foundation, Madrid.


  • Welcome to British Art!

  •  The exhibition itself is named after the extraordinary novel “Treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stevenson. ivermectin dose for 75 kg man It’s a great metaphor conveying to the reader the establishing Britain as an island full of mysterious, hidden treasures, in this case, the Islands rich history of paintings, sculptures, books, magazines and photographs which are all being exhibited. The exhibition itself explores what occurred in the arts in Great Britain through five centuries of British art, showing extraordinary scope and vitality of art consisting of 180 pieces of art, divided in to seven parts telling its own history. To be included in this are religious sculptures – damaged by the Puritans during the Reformation – to Pop Art pieces by Blake and Hamilton and Toni Cragg’s emblematic 1981 sculpture `Britain Seen from the North´. This exhibition proudly presents the unique and cultural prowess of Art within the British Isles between the 15th and 20th Centuries. ivermectin harga normal Within the exhibition you will find Henry Moore’s early stone carving Two forms 1936 and the drawing Tube Shelter Perspective 1941. Henry Moore was one of Britain’s sculptural innovators and have created several masterpieces in his field. His work which primarily focuses on the human form is fascinating and definitely a highlight for me in this exhibition. ivermectin cream online

  • If you are available to see this exhibition, you will be in awe of the variety of art on offer


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