New language for Contemporary Art

Alunageorge – “Your drums, your love”


  • Alunageorge,  is the buzz of the contemporary art world claiming to communicate in the language understood by all artists. They are a new  band from London, consisting of Aluna Francis and George Reid, together they are becoming known for the massive influence they potentially hold to transform the image of the art industry. As artists they have grown rapidly in popularity, having recently   won over the courtyard with their EP You Know You Like It, and you can see why. They have been hailed by the Guardian and New York Times cited as making the kind of music Aaliyah and Timbaland would be making in 2012, with the unique combination of sharp vocals and great beats, instructed not to be missed. The band successfully replicates the warmth and sensuality of the 90’s R&B, “breathing fresh air” into a stagnant art, offering a voice to contemporary art. According to The New York Times, the video for “Your Drums, Your Love” echoes this taste for innovation, re-appropriating early hip hop dance styles (most notably pop & lock) into a contemporary art gallery. The video takes a tour of a gallery of art showing beautiful paintings, amazing wall art decor and sculptures. veridex ivermectina 6 mg dosis
  •  About the Band

  • Originally for London, the artists Aluna Francis and George Reid fused their first names to become AlunaGeorge, but before this they were taking themselves very seriously in other bands. George was in a math rock group, while Aluna was in an experimental electronic “collective” artist, whose songs were so complicated they had trouble playing them live. One of the great things about AlunaGeorge is you can sensual artist; their music is joyously melodic, combining electronic textures, R&B motifs and massive pop hooks. You Know You Like It is a case in point: its ping-pong beat, soft synths and inescapable central hook (“You know you like it but it drives you insane”) sounding like the sort of music you’d imagine Aaliyah and Timbaland to be making in 2012. Even better is Just a Touch, with Aluna’s vocal sounding sensual and sad. Again, it builds towards a brilliant, unashamedly massive chorus that separates them from the blog pack. Listen out for their artistic sounds, which are bound to create shockwaves through the art world as they are more frequently connected, speaking the language of contemporary art.


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